Notting Hill Counselling and Psychotherapy

Do you have problems that are making life hard to cope with?

Are you feeling dissatisfied and unhappy with your life?


UKCP Registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist


Lynn Arnold is an experienced and sympathetic psychotherapist and counsellor based in Notting Hill W11

Sometimes problems get on top of us and we feel the need to talk them through with someone independent of family and friends.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you focus on these problems and make changes in a supportive environment.

Counselling Services and Psychotherapy

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Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Depression, stress, low self esteem, loss of confidence, phobias or eating disorders, or more general feelings of emptiness, loneliness or dissatisfaction with life

Emotional Crises or Trauma

Experiencing a traumatic event or a loss of some kind, the death of someone, a miscarriage, the loss of a job or the end of a relationship

Relationship Problems

Either with your family or friends, spouse, or work colleagues. You may be finding it difficult to express your thoughts, feelings or needs and feel frustrated in relationships

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can help individuals and couples overcome specific sexual dysfunction

Personal Growth

Some people come simply in order to understand themselves more deeply



Therapy offers a safe place where you can become more aware of the conscious and unconscious processes behind many of your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. The therapy process works towards understanding how and why these symptoms and beliefs came to be there, by locating them in your life history and life context and lifestyle. Through greater understanding, self knowledge and a growing acceptance of oneself change becomes more possible. This leads to the possibility of living a more fulfilling and fulfilled life.