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Lynn Arnold BACP registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Lynn Arnold

Notting Hill Therapist - Counselling Notting Hill

I am a BCAP registered counsellor, offering services for psychotherapy and counselling in Notting Hill.

Psychotherapy and Counseling In Notting Hill

I offer a supportive environment to help my clients. I am experienced in providing support and services for a wide range of problems including anxiety counselling Notting Hill, bereavement counselling, relationship counselling, sex therapy, therapy for depression and more. I offer my counselling and psychotherapy in Notting Hill and surrounding areas of West London.

I use various techniques to support and work with my clients, who are individuals, couples and families.

Sometimes, life’s problems can feel too much and more is needed than kind words from family or friends. If this sound familiar, it might be time to consider counselling. A qualified counsellor can help you in a number of ways, with a number of problems that you might face. It can be helpful to talk to a qualified counsellor, independent of friends or family, to help you through the problems you are experiencing. A qualified and experienced counsellor can help you to make the changes you need in order to cope.

How counselling can help you:

There are often misconceptions about counselling which may affect whether people perceive it is right or available for them. Counselling can be suitable for a wide range of problems and individuals who experience these issues. Counselling can be helpful in a number of ways.

  • A safe place and supportive environment
  • Increase your awareness of the processes behind many of your beliefs, thoughts and feelings
  • Understanding how and why the symptoms you may be experiencing came to be
  • Increased self-knowledge and self-acceptance can lead to changes in behaviour and thought processes and a more fulfilling life


Therapy available in Notting Hill

For a BCAP registered psychotherapist in Notting Hill

Therapy / Counselling Services

As an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor, I work with individuals, couples and families. My services in Notting Hill include anxiety counselling, bereavement counselling, psychotherapy, relationship counselling, sex therapy and therapy for depression and more.

Therapy for depression Notting Hill and anxiety counselling Notting Hill

Depression, stress, low self esteem, loss of confidence, phobias or eating disorders, or more general feelings of emptiness, loneliness or dissatisfaction with life

Relationship Counselling Notting Hill

Either with your family or friends, spouse, or work colleagues. You may be finding it difficult to express your thoughts, feelings or needs and feel frustrated in relationships

Sex Therapy Notting Hill

Sex therapy can help individuals and couples overcome specific sexual dysfunction

Emotional crises or trauma

Experiencing a traumatic event or a loss of some kind, the death of someone, a miscarriage, the loss of a job or the end of a relationship

Personal growth

Some people come simply in order to understand themselves more deeply

Lyn Arnold - Psychotherapy in Notting Hill

Why choose me?

  • Experienced and sympathetic psychotherapist and counsellor
  • I offer a safe and supportive environment to work through your feelings, thoughts and beliefs
  • I specialise in therapy for individuals and couples
  • BCAP registered counsellor and psychotherapist
  • Qualified and accredited with UKCP
  • Registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and adhere to their code of ethics
  • Member of British Association of Sexual and Relationship Therapists
  • Confidential and non-judgemental service

If you would like to hear more about the counselling services I offer, or how I might be able to help, please don’t hesitate to contact me